The Polarity Works BT60, a simple, functional, hotswap wireless 60% that drops into most cases. The BT60 focuses on a polished experience rather than every bell and whistle. The Nordic Semiconductor BLE module delivers high performance and excellent range even in metal cases, and in conjunction with ZMK, it delivers the functionality to match. Zephyr's energy optimisation delivers fantastic battery life and with an easy-to-use UF2 bootloader making changes is as simple as drag and drop, no DFU drivers, no programming software, just double-tap reset or use the bootloader keycode and it pops up as a thumb drive. If you wish to make customisations ZMK's module-centric design lets you make changes without installing build environments or screwing around with path variables, just set up a ZMK-config GitHub repository, then build it in the cloud with GitHub actions and download the UF2 directly to your keyboard!