This little 40% ortho punches well above its weight and its price tag, weighing only 300g with its unique stacked carbon fiber construction it's still tough enough to survive life on the go or beating down someone that disses it. The switch plate accommodates several different configurations, an all 1u setup for use as a beastly macro pad, a 2u space bar, a 4u space bar, or even 2 2u keys in the lower center it's got all the configuration options you'd ever want in a 40%. All the components are through-hole so it's a great first keyboard kit to put together, with the huge number of microcontrollers that fit in the pro micro footprint like the Elite C or the nice nano you can equip your CRBN with USB C or even make it wireless! There's plenty of room between the PCB and the bottom plate for a huge lithium battery. This would be a vicious travel keyboard, a macro pad for productivity people, the first ortho for people who want to try ortho, there are or just a cute little keyboard to lend to people when they need one. Of course, it supports QMK and ZMK fully, so every key is individually remappable with as many layers as you desire.